Main Lobby 大堂

The tables are decorated in a vibrant and aesthetically pleasing manner. There is a sky ceiling on top to create a beautifully bright environment capable of highlighting the smooth and variegated marble. An integrated glass wall cabinet showcases luxurious collections and fine liquors.


VIP 1 (包间 1)

The exclusive dining area can accommodate more than 20 guests. The same space can perfectly accommodate pre-dinner cocktails & refreshments, or networking & mingling sessions as well. Special service requests, additional orders, and custom decor can be arranged upon request.

专属用餐区可容纳 20 多名宾客。同样的空间可以完美地容纳餐前鸡尾酒和点心,或者网络和混合会议。可根据要求安排特殊服务请求、额外订单和定制装饰。

VIP 2 (包间 2)

The room is decorated with fine art against a warm toned lighting background. Comfortably fitted with a set of wooden table and chairs that can accommodate up to 10 members of family and friends in a roomy setting.

房间以暖色调的灯光背景装饰着精美的艺术品。舒适地配有一套木制桌椅,可在宽敞的环境中容纳多达 10 名家人和朋友。

VIP 3 & 5 (包间 3 & 5)

The room is spacious and well designed with a large dining table in the middle for guests to enjoy a casual dining experience. The luxurious curtains can be adjusted to offer one of the two — an unobstructed view of the sea or complete privacy.