About Us

Lux Cove Seafood | 富景海鲜火锅

Presenting delicious food to others is the goal of cooking. At Lux Cove Seafood, you will find a variety of fresh ingredients, along with beautiful sea views of the East Coast.

The core of our journey to perfecting our culinary expertise is driven by the joy and satisfaction of presenting quality dishes to our esteemed guests. At Lux Cove Seafood, our assortment of premium dishes are carefully prepared with fresh ingredients, and served to our guests for a one-of-a-kind dining experience by the tranquil sea view of East Coast Park.



The journey of Chinese culinary perfection begins at Lux Cove Seafood. With great attention to detail, we take pride in creating an assortment of fascinating flavours using the finest ingredients.

Our symphony of vision and taste is the result of commitment and ingenuity. Over the years, our inspirations are drawn from the specialities of the different seasons.

A luscious dish requires good control over time and temperature. In general, it takes 8 hours of stewing to produce a pot of flavourful broth, and 28 seconds in the wok to reveal the true taste of the dish.

In addition to offering an exclusive dining experience, Lux Cove Seafood delivers a sensory journey into the art of culinary perfection.

富景之旅 · 一起饗宴富。旅程起點是不加修飾的嚴選食材直送方能層疊出挑動五感的千滋百味景。




We take pride in maintaining our honour in culinary arts and have exemplified excellent standards in the food industry for decades. Our famed chefs preserve the tradition of pursuing perfection for the past three generations and beyond.

By only using fresh premium ingredients, we pride ourselves in offering the pinnacle of dining experience for our guests.

“I believe that our guests can feel our sincerity only when we put our dedication and commitment into our preparation process. This is the core value of Lux Cove Seafood.”